Robert Lampard   BSc, MD, M.Sc, MBA

Curriculum Vitae

John Robert Lampard

MD, MSc (Surg), MBA

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John Robert Lampard


        #12, 26540 HWY 11, Red Deer County, AB    T4E 1A3


        346-0331 (Res), 346-0331 (Fax)


D.O.B.:    27 October 1940

        Married to Sharon, have two sons, one daughter
          (Bruce, MD, FRCPC in Emergency Medicine, born 1968)
          (Geoffrey, born 1986, studying Emergency Medicine)
          (Allison, born 1988)

EDUCATION:   M.D. University of Alberta, 1964

        B.Sc. University of Alberta, 1966
        M.Sc. (Surgery) University of Alberta, 1967
        M.B.A. University of Western Ontario, 1968
        L.M.C.C., 1983


        1959-1961 RCAF - URTP Supply Officers Training course, Honor Graduate, 1960, Pilot Officer 1961.
        1962         Aide, Alberta Mental Hospital Ponoka
        1963         Assistant Medical Officer, Alberta School Hospital Red Deer
        1964-1965 Rotating Intern, University Hospital Edmonton
        1966         Administrative Resident, University Hospital, Edmonton
        1967         Planner, University Hospital, London, ON
        1968-1981 Medical Director, Foothills Hospital
        1971-2005 Director, L-7 Inc.
        1971-1976 President, Lampards Ltd.
        1982  Clinical Fellow, Ophthalmology, RVH, Montreal
        1983-2010 Medical Director, Michener Centre, Red Deer, AB


        Born in Red Deer with identical twin brother, Douglas (MD, Calgary) 1940
        Queen Scout “B” Chords, 1954
        8th World Scout Jamboree, 1955
        LTCHS Red Deer, Honor Roll, 1956-1958
        Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (U of A), 1960
        UofA Cross-Country Team, 1960-1962
        Commissioned as a RCAF Pilot Officer, 1960
        Organized the Golden Bowl football game (UofA vs Queens), Nov. 1963.  It became the Vanier Cup.  UofA won 26-6.
        UofA Student Union Silver “A” Award for extracurricular activities, 1963/4
        Canadian Medical Curling Champion, 1966, 1981, 2001
        Ontario Medical Curling Champion, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1990
        Designed and General contracted 2700 sq’ house, 1981
        Alberta Medical Association Long Service Award (for Medical History), 1993
        Rotary Paul Harris Fellow, 1997
        Presidential Citation, Red Deer Rotary Club, 2000 and 2005
        Premier’s Silver Award of Excellence for the Michener Centre Psychotropic Drug Review Program (Team Leader) in 2001and 2002 (Executive Committee)
        William Spaulding Certificate for outstanding contributions to the history of medicine in Canada 2003
        Adjunct Professor in the History of Medicine program, UofA Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, 2007


        Swimming, running, hiking, badminton, squash, curling, mountain climbing, scrambling and trekking, antiquarian book collecting, deltiology, Western Canadian and Canadian Rocky Mountain history, Alberta’s Medical history


        UofA Students Union Silver “A” Award (1963)
        AMA Service Award for contributions to Alberta’s Medical History (1993)
        Red Deer Rotary Club Citation (2000)
        Premiers Silver Award of Excellence for the PDR program (2002)
        William B. Spaulding Award for contributions to the study and development of the History of Medicine in Canada (2003)
        Red Deer Rotary Club Citation (2005)
        One of 100 Alberta Physicians of the Century (2005)
        Alberta Centennial Medal (2005)
        Honorary Life Member CMA (2005)
        Member Emeritus AMA (2006)
        Adjunct Professor in the History of Medicine, UofA (2007)
        One of 100 Historical Society of Alberta Volunteers of the Century (2007)
        Honorary member of the Rotary Club of Calgary (2009)


Historical Society of Alberta 1968-present
Canadian Council of Health Science Executives 1974-1981
Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons 1983-2010
Alberta Medical Association 1975, 1980, 1983-present
Champlain Society 1974-present
Hudson’s Bay Record Society/Canadian National History Society 1974-present
Archives of the Canadian Rockies 1983-present
Alberta Museum Association/Red Deer Museum Society 1985-present
Rotary Club of Red Deer 1987-present
Red Deer Curling Club 1956-1958, 1983-2007
Red Deer Regional Hospital Courtesy Staff, 1983-2010
Canadian Society for the History of Medicine, 1985-present
Saskatchewan Historical Society, 1980-present
Manitoba Historical Society, 1980-2007
Canadian Geographical Society, 1980-2007
Ruperts Land Research Centre Society, 1990-present
Westerner Exhibition Society, 1994-present
Central Alberta Historical Society, 1995-present
Calgary History of Medicine Society, 2010-present


    1961-1963 Treasurer U of A (Student’s) Promotions Committee
    1963-1964 Chairman U of A (Student’s) Promotions Committee
    1967-1968 Vice President MBA Student’s Society
    1968-1981 Chairman/Member, Alberta House Staff Negotiating Committee
    1969-1970 Treasurer, Calgary Branch, Victorian Order of Nurses
    1970-1971 Chairman, Administrators Group, Calgary Hospitals
    1970-1973 Director/President, Calgary Drug Information Centre
    1971-1974 Director, Pastoral Care Association of Alberta
    1971-1974 President, Calgary Branch, Victorian Order of Nurses
    1972-1973 Chairman, Council of Metropolitan General Hospitals of Calgary
    1973-1975 Director, Calgary and District Medical Society
    1974-1978 Field Surveyor, Canadian Council on Hospital Accreditation (CCHA)
    1975         Chairman, CCHA Committee to draft Accreditation Standards for Respiratory Technology
    1975-1980 Member, UofC Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Education Committee
    1980         AHA Symposium Organizer: “Risk Management in Hospitals”
    1980-1981 Chairman, Alberta Hospital Association, Revision of Hospital Medical Staff By-Laws
    1981         Symposium Organizer: “The Hospital’s Reputation”, Alberta Hospital Association
    1981-1987 Member, Archives Committee, Alberta Medical Association
    1983-1989 Member, Alberta Psychiatric Nurses Advisory Board
    1984-1994 Member, Organizing Committee, Alberta Special Olympics, Red Deer
    1985-1990 Treasurer, Red Deer, Alberta Special Olympics Board
    1985-1992 Member, Museums Management Board, Ft. Normandeau Cultural & Natural History Board, Red Deer, Alberta
    1986-1992 Chairman, Historical Preservation Committee, Red Deer, Alberta
    1987         Member, Smoke-Free Work Sites Task Force Advisory Committee, AB Social Services
    1987-pres. Member, Rotary Club of Red Deer
    1987-1988 Chairman, Museum Management Board, Red Deer, Alberta
    1987-1989 Member, Major Tourist Attraction Committee, Red Deer, Alberta
    1988-1990 Member, Red Deer Tourist and Convention Board
    1989-1990 (Founding) Chairman (1989-1990), Normandeau Cultural and Natural History Board.  Member 1989-1992.
    1989-1990 Member, Red Deer Tourist and Convention Board, Chairman, Tourist Action Plan Committee
    1989-pres. Director, Alberta Medical Foundation
    1990-1993 Member, Red Deer United Way Cabinet for Public Service and Health Sector (1990-1992) and Professional Services Sector (1992-1993)
    1991         Member, ad hoc Committee to Save The CPR Bridge
    1992-1995 Medical History Columnist for
    Alberta Doctor’s Digest (13 columns)
    1992-1995 Secretary-Treasurer, Alberta Medical Foundation
    1992-2004 Chairman, Rotary International Youth Exchange Orientation Weekend (Saturday Night
    1993-1998 Member, Red Deer Curling Club Board
    1993-1996 Treasurer, Red Deer Curling Club
    1993-pres. Preceptor, University of Calgary (UofC) History of Medicine Class
    James Hector (with Bernie Lewke) 1979-1980
                    b)  Henry George and Calgary’s Smallpox outbreak of 1892 (with Jennifer Gerritsen) 1993-1994
                    c)  Commonplace Book of Earle Scarlett (with Nikki Bobey) 1994-1995
                    d)  Mary Percy Jackson (with Jim Eisner/Shannon Hughes) 1995-1996
                    e)  Medical Services in the 1885 Rebellion (with Kerri Parker) 1996-1997
                    f)  The Sanity of Louis Riel (with Vivian Kilvert) 1996-1997
                    g)  Lt. Col. E.G. Mason of the 50th (with Bobbi-Jo Whitfield/Dr. R. Pow) 1997-1998.
                    h)  Alberta’s Medicare Roots, Dr. A.E. Archer, (with Ellen Duplain), 1997-1998
                    i)  Snow Problems? No Problem! Winter House Calls on Snowmobiles, (with Calvino Cheng), 1998-1999
                    j)  The Origin of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medial Research (with Calvino Cheng) 1999-2000.
                    k)  Dr. R.G. Brett – The Man Behind the Roddick Act (with Chris Venner) 2002-2003.
    1994-pres. Historian, Red Deer Rotary Club
    1995         Member, Central Alberta Regional Museum Network (CARMN)
    1995-1997 Member, Sports Historian’s Sub-Committee, Alberta Sports Hall of Fame
    1995-2000 Member, Rotary Career Opportunity Fund Selection and Scholarship Committees
    1995-2006 President, Alberta Medical Foundation
    1995-pres. (Founding) Board Member Central Alberta Chapter, Historical Society of Alberta (CAHS)
    1996-1998 President, Red Deer Curling Club
    1996-2001 Member, John B. Neilson Selection Committee for Canadian Medical Historian of the Year, AMS/Hannah
    1997         Member, LTCHS 50th Anniversary Book Committee
    1997         (Founding) Board Member, Sports Historians of Alberta
    1997-1999 Director, Red Deer Rotary Club
    1997-2002 Vice-President, Central Alberta Chapter, Historical Society of Alberta
    1997-2006 Member, Board of the University of Alberta (UofA) Medical Alumni
    1997-2003 Chairperson, Campaign 2005 for the AMF/Medical History Fund (cancelled 2003)
    1998-pres. Archivist, Alberta Medical Foundation
    2001-pres. Archivist, Central Alberta Chapter, Historical Society of Alberta
    2002-2005 President, Central Alberta Chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta
    2002-2005 Member, Board of the Historical Society of Alberta
    2003-2007 Co-Chairman, Alberta Digital Medical History Advisory Board, UofC
    2005-pres. Member, Advisory Committee to the History of Medicine Program, UofA
    Member, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Committee, Edmonton
    2006-pres. Editor of the Flash, the Rotary Club of Red Deer’s weekly tabloid
    2009-2010 Member, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Dinner Committee, Calgary.  Successfully nominated Alberta Laureates, Lougheed and Bradley (2002), McEachern (2005), Cochrane (2010), Tyrrell (2011).
    2010-2012 Advised Stu Daly on funding a chair on behalf of his grandfather Dr. J.S. McEachern, to the Alberta Cancer Society.


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    TO DO: Cardston Health Insurance Debate of 1932.  Leilani Muir’s interview with her mother.  See my file of projects.


    1989 Family Research Video, Taping Publication Organization

      50th Anniversary of SML/JAL’s Marriage: Program 8 p, video interviews of friends of JAL and SML (90 min).  Publication of  “The Lampards of Red Deer” from 16 1-hour tapes (196 pages).  Videos about the Lampards in Red Deer by JAL, SML, JRL (30 minutes each).  Archival assembly of the Lampard Family History: 3 photo albums, 6 scrapbooks, 2 DML volumes and 1 RSL volume.

    1992 Family 

      “The Winningest Team in the History of the Ontario Medical Bonspiel: R.W. Wintemute et al 1976-1992", 25 pages.  Revised and updated with photographs, 2003.

    1994 Family 

      Dorothy Mary Lampard, Ed.D, 1911-1994, obituary, funeral service, eulogy, and accumulated her bibliography of 39 references.

    1997 Family Funeral

      James Alfred Lampard, Doctor of Optometry, Eulogy: “Celebration of a Lifetime:  A Man Made for Red Deer”, JAL 1915-1997, Memorial Service photo summary   (12 p).

    1997 Family 

      “History of Lampards Ltd.” prepared with Toby Lampard (4 p).  Revised by TL 1999.

    1997 Family

      “The Lampard Family Congratulates LTCHS on Its First 50 Years”, and “Principals and their Principles”, published in “50 Years of Excellence – The History of LTCHS, 120 p, July.  Also acted as one of the co-editors.

    1997 Family 

      Program, SML’s 80th Birthday Party.

    1997 Family, Mural, Sympathy Card Dedication

      Originated the idea and assisted in the design of the Mural of the Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon by W.O. Mitchell for the Red Deer curling Club.  First end mural dedicated to JAL 1999.  Last end mural dedicated to SML/RSL 1997, 2000. Each mural is 4’x54’.  RSL is SML’s Father and married WOM’s parents in Weyburn, 1907.  Designed WOM Sympathy card 1998.  Completed and presented the two engraved dedication plaques to the Red Deer Curling Club (RDCC) 2002.  (For correspondence – see separate volume.)

    1997 Family Hiking/climbing Photo Manuscript

      Hikes & Climbs of R. Lampard, M.D., 1954-1997 (108 pages).  Revised as “One Lampard’s 20th Century Mountain Journey: The First 50 Years” with a 16 p introduction, 7 p index, 130 pages of photos, in December 2000.  Annually updated.

    1997 Lampard, R.

      CJ97, Thunder Bay, July 1997- Photographic Summary (6 p).

    1998 Family 

      Photo Summary of the Mahoney Reunion (8 p).

    1998 Family 

      Red Deer School District #104 “Striving for Excellence” photo and caption published in Divisional Dispatches, RCMP Quarterly, 63(4):70, Fall 1998.  (Geoffrey L., District #104 officials, RCMP).

    2000 Family 

      Photo Archives of the Lampard (also Jenkins, Leslie, Jenkinson) Family 1879 to 1950 (59 pages).

    2000 Family 

      Photos of Lampards Ltd, Lampard Optometrists, and Lampard Community Contributions 1940-2000 (30 pages) (ongoing).

    2000 Award 

      Red Deer Rotary Club Second Presidential Citation from President Gloria Beck, June.

    2000 Recipient

      60th birthday Medical Care Plan on JRL by Director of Pharmacy, Denise Stefura.

    2001 Family 

      “Here’s to Years!”  Photo of the Wintemute Rink as Canadian Medical A.F. Anderson Trophy Winners 2001.  Medical Post June 12, 2001, page 64.

    2001 Family 

      On J. Douglas Lampard “Leaves from your Past” on his Retirement from Practice, November 2001, 26 pages.

    2002 Family Manuscript Photo Collage

      The R.W. Wintemute Curling Team 1976-2001 with chapters on the Ontario Medical Bonspiels, 2001 AF Anderson Western Canadian Medical Curling Trophy winners, Curling in Canada, RL’s Curling Life, 50 pages.

    2002 Family History

      Getting on Track – Twice.  The History of Lampards Ltd. 1956-1976.  39 pages.

    2002 Family 

      “In Search of” three consecutive generations of the Canadian Military from Alberta: L/Cpl Alfred Lampard (WWI), Capt. James Lampard (WWII), P.O. Robert Lampard (RCAF, France).  Published in the Red Deer Advocate, November 11, 2002, along with 280 other photos of military members from WWI, II and Korea, Afghanistan and Peace Keeping Operations.

    2002 Family Genealogy Chart 

      Lampard/Snelgroves from 1772 to present.


    1982 Organizer

      “The Hospital’s Reputation: What does it Mean?”, Annual Medical Staff/Administrator/Trustees Conference for the AHA.

    1984 Video 

      Orientation of Michener Centre Staff to Hepatitis B.

    1988 Report 

      Hepatitis B Surveillance Program, Michener Centre.

    1998 Nomination

      Morris Flewwelling as Chancellor of the UofA, 17 February 1998.  (10 pages).  Revised and re-nominated February 2000 (30 pages).  Unfortunately not successful.

    1998 Mural 

      Mural of the Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon, a memorial to Jim Lampard (1st end) and to Sadie Lampard (last end).  Located in the Red Deer Curling Club.

    1998 Photo 

      Lampard, R., “The Rotarian: Canadian Images”, page 44, April 1998 (RL’s Grow-a-Row photo).

    1990 Lampard, R.

      David Thompson placemat for David Thompson Tourist and Convention Association.

    1999 Photo 

      Red Deer School District #104 “Striving for Excellence” photo and caption published in Divisional Dispatches RCMP Quarterly 64(4):98, Fall, 1999.  (Andrew Bromley, RCMP)

    1999 Lampard, R.

      Descriptions of six Alberta Medical Pioneers (300 words) to accompany their portraits and collages in the AMA rooms named after them.

    2000 Award 

      Rotary District #5360 applications submitted for (1) Best Club Newsletter – the Flash, (2) Best Print Media – 23 February 2000, Club’s 77th Anniversary Advocate insert, April 16 Camp Alexo highlights, (3) Governor’s Award for Club best exemplifying the RI theme of Continuity, Consistency and Credibility (13 pages of photos and notes).  Won (2) Best Print Media Award.

    2000 Presentation

      Bob Greig’s retirement tea, June 29. 2000.

    2000 Introduction

      To the induction of Heather Wood-Ion into LTCHS Hall of Fame, October 25, 2000.

    2001 Sympathy Card

      To Ms. Marilyn Mann and family on behalf of the Red Deer Rotary Club, on the death of her husband Rotarian Keith Mann.  12 pages.   Tribute card to the Mann family highlighting the Keith Mann Concert, January 25, 2002 and the unveiling of the Keith Mann Display case at the Red Deer College, donated by the Lampard Family.  8 pages.  Worded the Bronze plaque and suggested improvements to the Keith Mann bronze design for City Hall Park.

    2001 Letter 

      To Premier Klein and AMA President Steed on “State Medicine” in 1934 during salary negotiations 2000/2001 with replies.

    2001 Plaque 

      For Chairing the Rotary District 5360 International Youth Exchange Weekend in Red Deer for 9 years, 10 March 2001.  Also organized it in March 2002.

    2001 Time Capsule

      Prepared by Robert Lampard for the Red Deer Rotary Club (18”x18”x12”).  Capsule Contains Central AB Rotary Club highlights, Millennium memorabilia collected from May 2000-May 2001, “Buried” May 6th.  Sealed June 25th, to be opened circa Feb.23, 2055 on the 150th Anniversary of Alberta and Rotary International and the 132nd Anniversary of the Red Deer Rotary Club.

    2001/3 Historical Consultant, Designer

      Of the Central Alberta Historical Society to relocate and rebuild the Michener Fountain, design a historical colonnade, add a Michener “bronze” to the Red Deer CPR Park, and generate funds to accomplish it.

    2001 Lampard, R.

      Photo collages of Drs. R.G. Brett, M.P. Jackson, A.E. Archer.  24” x 36” each.  Donated to the Alberta Medical Association by Dr. R. Lampard and hung in the Conference rooms named after them, June 2001.  6-12 photos each.

    2001 Photo 

      District #104 “Striving for Excellence” photo of Mountview Grade Five Choir and RCMP members, published in RCMP Quarterly Volume 66(4): 85, Fall 2001.

    2002 Nomination

      Of Dr. R. Lampard for the AMS/Hannah John B. Neilson Award for Canadian Medical Historian of the Year by the CAHS.  Tabled by AMS.  Awarded the William Spaulding Certificate, April 2003.

    2002 Presentation

      Of a cheque for $125,000 from the AMF to the UofC Faculty of Medicine.  AMF/Hannah chair for the History of Medicine.  Value of the Chair endowment is now over 1.2M. 

    2002 Retirement Presentation

      Donna Stewart-Wood CEO: M.D., MCP, PDR, LSP, GSP, ESP…  Highlights of her CEO years at Michener 1998-2002, 124 pages.

    2002 Nominations

      Mr. Morris Flewwelling for the National Therese Casgrain Volunteer Award; (not successful).  Mr. Al Hagan for the Post Mazankowski Report Expert Advisory Panel. (not successful).

    2002 Project Award

      The first Red Deer Heritage Recognition Award to the “Save the CPR Bridge” Committee of 1991 for preserving and reconditioning the CPR Bridge.  Chairman of the 1991Historical Preservation Committee that convinced City Council to consider proposals to retaining the bridge.  Member of the Committee that raised funds and completed the refurbishing of the bridge as part of the R.D. Trail System.

    2002 Photo Collage

      Retirement card and letter to acknowledge Dr. Peter Cruse’s contributions as an AMF Board Member 1991-2002.  4 pages.

    2002 Funeral 

      Memorial service program and photographic history of Marjorie Marshall Wood, (neighbour, Kerry Wood’s wife) who died September 21, 2002.  12 pages.

    2002 Nomination

      Of Premier R. Klein and Mr. Alvin Libin for establishing the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research (AHFSER or Alberta Ingenuity Fund) in 2000 and funding it with 0.5B dollars; for Honorary membership in the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA).  Seconded by Dr. Matt Spence, CEO AHFMR and John McDougall, CEO Alberta Research Council.  (Deferred while Mr. Klein remains an incumbent politician).

    2002 Nomination

      Mr. Norman Gish for induction into the Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School Wall of Fame in 2000.  Accepted in 2001.  Introduced and inducted in 2002.  Suggested major revisions to the Awards Night Program and the Wall of Fame book.

    2002 Reviewer

      For Stuart Houston of “The Steps to Medicare: How Saskatchewan Led the Way”.

    2002 Photo Collage

      Of visit to Dr. W.C. Gibson, UBC Chancellor Emeritus and medical historian, and to Butchart Gardens.  8 pages.

    2002 Photo Collage, Insert

      Of Dr. John A. Weddell with insert “How Toby (almost) went for peanuts”.  6 pages.

    2003 Photo Collage

      Dr. William Baergen, Recipient of the Historical Society of Alberta annual award in 2003 (16 pages).  Photos reproduced in History Now, pages 10-11, July 2003.

    2003 Website

      Created for NWT/Alberta’s medical history as part of the Alberta digitization project at UofC (to be linked to other provincial medical history websites as part of a Canadian Medical History Website.

    2003 Obituary

      Red Deer’s Justice Kirby remembered, Red Deer Express, page 3, July 26/27, 2003.

    2003 Photo Collage

      Richard Warren, my partner on the RD Rotary Club History Committee who died November 7, 2003.

    2003 Letter 

      To Dr. David Dawson re: Dr. E.P. Scarlett, his book In Sickness and in Health, and Bruce.  Published in the DTHR of November 27, 2003.

    2003  Lampard, R.

      Framed Scroll of the 1953-4 original RDCC Shareholders to the RDCC (in process).

    2003 Serialization

      Of the memoirs of Dr. E.A. Braithwaite (35 pages) for publication in the RCMP Quarterly in 2003 (not published).

    2003 Presentation for 2005

      Re-presentation of the 1937 AMA Gavel to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the AMA in 2005, to Dr. Don Malloy, and then to the AMA.

    2003 Photo Collages

      Dr. Eliot Phillipson, Marmie Hess, L.L.D.

    2004 Photo Collages

      Iris Burch, Elinor McKinnon, Peter Lacey (Polio), Mt Kili, Mt Davidson (summit), K.R. Thomson/Ed Clark (G. Award), Dr. Lorne Tyrrell (retired June 17) (see Sept list).

    2004/05 Consultant

      To the Rotary Club of Calgary for the James Wheeler Davidson mural in the Fairmont Palliser foyer.

    2005 TV Medical Documentary

      One-half hour documentary on 100 years of medicine in Alberta (with Jane Ballentine, Clayne Steed, Trevor Therman) aired August 15, 2005 on Global TV, Edmonton.  I’m about 40-50% of the content.  Host is Linda Steele.

    2005 Consultant

      To the CMA committee designing the 2005 CMA Convention (Edmonton) Historical handbook on the 1889 CMA Convention in Banff.

    2006 Interview

      Doc Writes Davidson Book.  Red Deer Express, page 38, May 17, 2006 (Michelle Cavers).

    2007 Interview

      Golden Bowl Game, New Trail, pages 18-19, autumn 2007 (Shelagh Kubish).

    2008 Historic Arches

      Nine archways representing the front of a roundhouse, with depictions of The History of Red Deer in 27 marble etchings (3 per pillar).  Started in 1995.

    2008 RD Museum Display

      On David Thompson – from 19 April to 29 June.  Contributed 23 books and 3 maps.

    2009 Collages

      Up to 97.

    2010 Video 

      5-7 minutes for the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame dinner, April 13, 2010, Calgary.

    2010 Video 

      5 minute video of Rotary Club projects for a Rebels hockey game, Jan 23, 2010.

    2010 Video 

      11 minutes for the Rotary Convention on Rotary in Canada.  Shown at Zone 24, 34 breakfast, Booth 1119 and summarized in the July Rotary insert in Canada.  5,000 copies sold.  Shown to RDRC as part of a presentation on the Montreal RI convention.

    2011 Fireside 

      Gave a Q&A presentation on the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead to the 11 rafters and 4 organizers.  Pearce Landing, Mead Lake.  Without a note.





Location (if not RD)

1989 Aug 20


JAL/SML’s 50th Program


1993 Dec 4


Mt Kilimanjaro with Bruce


1994 Dec 3


DML’s funeral program


1996 Aug 2


SML’s 80th birthday


1997 Jan 11


JAL’s memorial service


1997 June 20


JAL’s memorial dedication


1997 July 12-18


CJ97 Geoffrey’s trip

Thunder Bay, ON

1998 mid Sept


W.O. Mitchell’s sympathy card


1998 Feb 23


RDRC’s 75th anniversary


1998 March


RCMP Quarterly 63(4), Fall 98, Striving for Excellence Award (G)


1998 June


Dr. R.G. Brett to Dr. W. Anderson for the Brett Room, AMA House


1998 Aug 1


Mahoney reunion

Fredericton, NB

1999 March


RCMP Quarterly 64(4), Fall 99, Striving for Excellence Award (G)


2000 March


RCMP Quarterly 65(4), Fall 2000, Striving for Excellence Award (G)


2000 March 17


Nomination of Morris Flewwelling for UofA Chancellor (2nd time)


2001 May 3


Celebrating the Past (Lougheed, etc)

Calgary, AB

2001 May 15


Keith Mann sympathy card


2002 Jan 25


Keith Mann tribute concert


2002 June


Appreciation card to Dr. Cruse (AMF)


2002 Sept 25


Marjorie Woods memorial service


2002 Dec 18


Dr. Johnny Weddell memorial service


2002 Oct 31


Dr. W.C. Gibson thanks for Buchart Gardens tour

Victoria, BC

2002 Dec 24


Thanks to Heather Wood for Christmas Eve supper

San Diego, California

2002 Dec 25


Thanks to Kathy & Nolan Beat for Christmas supper

Santa Ana, California

2002 Oct 30/31


Thanks to Leslie & Don Abramson (JWD’s grandson)

Vancouver, BC

2003 April 22


Mt Davidson Reconnaissance

Waiparous Creek

2003 June 18


Michener Admin building fire


2003 May 23


Dr. Bill Baergen’s: Ph.D. HSA award, conf, banquet


2003 July 18


Ami Watanabe’s goodbye party (RDRC RIYE student)


2003 Sept


Richard Warren memorial card (my RDRC photo team)


2003 Oct 3


Dr. Eliot Phillipson Med  Alumni award (UofA Class of 63)

Edmonton, AB

2003 Nov 20


Marmie Hess, LLD convocation

Edmonton, AB

2003 Aug 2/3


Marmie Hess Mt Davidson Hon. Team Leader

Calgary, AB

2004 Jan 9


Iris Burch’s retirement luncheon


2004 Jan 10


Eleanor McKinnon memorial service

Regina, SK

2004 Feb


Peter Lacey – Polio Plus


2004 Feb


Mt Kilimanjaro – L7 Climb


2004 Aug 2/03


Mt Davidson – climb

Waiparous Creek

2004 May 4


K.R. Thomson – Tour


2004 May 4


Ed Clark – Geoffrey’s TD Award


2004 June 17


Lorne Tyrrell – Retirement


2004 Sept 18
2004 Oct 1


Dieter Lemke – MAA Award


2005 July 26


Joyce Lampard/Bruce Campbell Masters Mixed Doubles Champs (80-89)


2005 Aug 13


SML’s Dinner Cruise, 89th birthday

Sylvan Lake

2005 Aug


Lorne Tyrrell and The Pekin Ducks


2005 Aug


David Dawson, MAA O/S Alumnus


2005 Sept 24


Rob Agostinis MAA President


2005 Dec 31


Thanks to Lou Sherman for Xmas 05

Phoenix, AZ

2006 Jan 1


Thanks to Nolan and Kathy Beat

Santa Ana, CA

2006 Jan 2


Thanks to Heather Wood-Ion

San Diego, CA

2006 Jan 28-29


Bruce and Nicolle visit Red Deer


2006 April 8


Ernie Johnson, Ross Wheaton Award


2006 April 2600


CMHOF Induction of Dr. J.S. McEachern


2006 May 26


LTCHS Graduation, Allison


2006 July 27


Dedication of Dr. Parsons’ Monument (A)




Dedication of Dr. Parsons’ Monument (B)


2006 Aug 3


SML’s 90th birthday


2006 Sept 2-4


Allison off to Argentina


2006 Sept 2


Tony & Kelly McIntyre (Michener RN)


2006 Sept 10


Derek Hoskins RetirementBishop


2006 Sept 16


CMA Honorary Member


2006 Sept 28


Stuart Houston speaks at RDRN 100th


2006 Sept 30


Rotary Foundation District 5360


2006 Sept 30


Peter Cruse and HOM (June 02, Rev.)


2006 Oct


4 Deans at UofC


2006 Nov 4, 5


Banff Film Festival (climbers) A


2006 Nov


Banff Film Festival (friends) B


2006 Nov


RL’s Medical Awards


2006 Nov 2


Berin Ozogul at RDRC BTB


2006 Nov 11


Berin Ozogul at Nov 11th Rem. Day


2007 March


Dr. William Whitelaw, HOM (UofC) Program Chairman 1999-2007


2007 March 8


Visit with Bob Wintemute – who died March 21

Kelowna, BC

2007 March 22


Program for the 50th Anniversary Bonspiel


2007 March 24


Bonspiel and Program Highlights


2007 May


RD Rotary Club, May 2007 meeting 62 present


2007 May 25-27


District 5360 Conf., Raju Paul, Bernie Carriere


2007 May 30


Medicare Conf., Adam Shortt unveiling


2007 October 1


DG Bernie Carriere visits RDRC


2007 Oct 8


Robert Dell’s Water Sch2ool Rotary Pres.


2007 Oct 26-27


David Thompson Conference, Glenbow


2007 Nov 13


Tom Keenan Ph.D., Induction into the UofC Hall of Fame


2008 Jan


David Thompson Conference, May 2008


2008 April 3-5


Interprovincial at Saskatoon


2008 April 11


Carol Morgan – retirement (last MDN)


2008 May 3


Paul & Sally Trepte, Ely Cathedral

Ely, England

2008 May 1


An afternoon with Paul Lampard

Pickworth, England

2008 May 3


Ian Muir and the Imperial War Museum

London, England

2008 May 8-10


Marrakech to Merzonga - a Safari

Morocco, Africa

2008 Dec 2


Christmas letter and pictures


2009 March 27


Denise Stefura’s retirement


2009 April 6


Belize GSE visit to Rotary


2009 April 15


52nd Western Canadian Medical Bonspiel


2009 May 18-19


Bruce MIA Graduation from Columbia

New York

2009 June 26


Dr. Tom Marrie’s Retirement


2009 July 14


25th Anniversary


2009 Aug 24


Ron Woodward retires from RDC


2009 Oct


Club thanks to Jacqui Joys 2002-2009


2009 Oct 16


Dr. Cochrane’s CMHOF Induction announced


2009 Nov 21-23


Bruce & Allison visit with Jude


2009 Dec 3-19


Maasdam Cruise to Caribbean


2009 Dec


Christmas letter and pictures


2010 Jan


Rotary Club of Red deer


2010 March 18-20


53rd Western Canadian Medical Bonspiel


2010 March 31


RL retires from Michener after 27 years


2010 April 13


CMHOF Induction (Dr. Cochrane)


2010 April 23


Opening of the Li Ka-Shing Institute


2010 June 2


Morris Flewwelling’s 65th birthday


2010 June 5


CAHS Board


2010 June 20-23


RI Convention


2010 June 24-26


San Francisco

San Francisco

2010 July 10


Tower of Babel with G. & Co.

Lake Louise

2010 Aug 6


SML’s funeral


2010 Aug 6


SML’s reception and testimonials


2010 Aug 7


SML’s funeral and committal service


2010 Aug 12


Mt Hector with Tom & G.

Lake Louise

2010 Oct 9


40th anniversary Faculty of Medicine, UofC


2010 Nov


Kevin Hermary/house renovations (Apr-Nov)


2010 Dec


Christmas letter with pictures: email, regular


2011 March


WCM Bonspiel, Saskatoon


2011 April 28


CMHOF Induction Ceremony (Tyrell)

London, ON

2011 May 1


Allison’s Grad, St. Frances

Antagonish, NS

2011 May 12


Geoffrey’s Grad, UofC


2011 Jun 24, 26


Mark & Kerry Lampard


2011 Aug 10-12


Mahoney Reunion

Saco near Portland, Maine

2011 Sept 10


Observation Peak with G, Tom, Bill



AMS/Hannah Nominations
(by RL through the AMF)

January, Year





1.  1996 Dr. Ian Carr





2.  1996 Dr. Gerald Higgins





3.  1998 Dr. Lawrence Clein





4.  1999 Dr. Gerald McDougall





5.  1999 Dr. Tait McPhedran





6.  2000 Dr. Ihor Mayba





7.  2001 Dr. Robert Macbeth





8.  2002 Dr. Harry Letts





9.  2003 (RL nominated by CAHS)





10. 2004 Dr. David Hogan





    NOTE: RL sat on the AMS/Hannah Selection committee from 1996-2002.


1.  1964

Kerry Wood

HSA Historian of the Year (Successful)

2.  1998

Morris Flewwelling

Chancellor, UofA (Unsuccessful)

3.  2000

Hon. Peter Lougheed, Dr. John Bradley

Cdn Med Hall of Fame (2001) (Successful)

4.  2000

Morris Flewwelling

Chancellor, UofA (Unsuccessful)

5.  2001

Hon Peter Lougheed

CMA Medal of Honor (2002) (Successful)

6.  2002

Dr. John Bradley

UofA Alumni Award of Excellence (2002 Successful)

7.  2002

Of R.L. by the Central AB Historical Society

AMS Spaulding Certificate of Merit (2003 Successful)

8.  2002

Premier R. Klein, Alvin Libin

Hon Membership APEEGA (Unsuccessful)

9.  2000

Norman Gish

LTCHS Wall of Fame (2002) (Successful)

10. 2002

Morris Flewwelling

Therese Casgrain Volunteer Award (Nat) (Unsuccessful)

11. 2002

Dr. John S. McEachern

CDN Med Hall of Fame (Successful)

12. 2003

William Baergen, Ph.D.

HSA Historian of the Year (Successful)

13. 2003

Dr. Eliot Phillipson

UofA MAA O/S Alumnus Award (2003 Successful)

14. 2004

Dr. Dieter Lemke (with Don Russell)

UofA MAA O/S Alumnus Award (2004 Successful)

15. 2005

Dr. A.E. Archer

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (2006 Unsuccessful)

16. 2005

Dr. David Dawson

UofA O/S MAA Alumnus Award (Successful)

17. 2005

Dr. Grant Gall

UofA MAA Class Award (2005 Successful)

18. 2005

Dr. Walter C. Mackenzie

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (In process)

19. 2005

Dr. Lionel E. McLeod

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Unsuccessful)

20. 2005

Dr. Donald R. Wilson

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Unsuccessful)

21. 2005

Dr. Eldon Smith

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (In process)

22. 2005

Dr. Stuart Houston

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (In process)

23. 2005

Hon Peter Lougheed, Alvin Libin

AMA Medal of Honor (Unsuccessful)

24. 2005

47 Nominations to the 100 Alberta Physicians of the Century Selection Committee

22 Successful

25. 2005

(Drs.) Kathleen Swallow, Irene Parlby and Sadie Lampard.  Central Alberta Women of the Century


26. 2006

Dr. Albert E. Archer

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Unsuccessful)

27. 2006

Hon. George Hoadley

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Unsuccessful)

28. 2007

Dr. William A. Cochrane

CMA STARR Award (Unsuccessful) (Nov 30/07)

29. 2010

Dr. William A. Cochrane

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Successful in 2011/12)

30. 2010

Dr. D. Lorne Tyrrell

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Successful in 2010/11)

31. 2010

Dr. Earle P. Scarlett

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Unsuccessful)

32. 2010

A.C. Rankin

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (Unsuccessful)

33. 2011

Dr. P. Cruse

CDN Medical Hall of Fame (In Process)







Alberta digitization website, Our Future Out Past


Alberta Community Initiatives Program (CIP)

March 2004


CPR Garden Park (Red Deer)

Central Alberta Historical Society

Alberta Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP)

August 2005


Alberta Medical History Website

Alberta Heritage Community Foundation


In Process


Alberta Medical
History Book


Alberta Historical Research Foundation



Cardiovascular Sciences in Calgary

Libin Institute

Alberta Historical Research Foundation

In Process


James and Lillian Davidson


UofC/Rotary Club of Calgary



Deans, Dreams and a President


UofA Faculty of Medicine









Alberta’s Medical History

Alberta Medical Foundation

Sales of Alberta’s Medical History



James Wheeler Davidson Collection at UofC

University of Calgary

Davidson Research


13-3” binders
- Books

- Rotarian Magazine (90 years)
- Annual Rotary Proceedings since 1933

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