Alberta's Medical History: Young And Lusty, And Full Of Life

Volume 1: Profiles.

Introductory materials:  Table of Contents, Preface, Forward [sic], A Voyage of Discovery, Glossary of
Abbreviations, General References, Introduction To Medicine In Alberta
John Rae 1813-1893
James Hector 1834-1907
William Morrison MacKay 1836-1917
Neville James Lindsay 1845-1925
Leverett George deVeber 1849-1925
James Delamere Lafferty 1849-1920
Richard Barrington Nevitt 1850-1928
Robert George Brett 1851-1929
Frank Hamilton Mewburn* 1858-1929
George Allan Kennedy 1858-1913
Harry Goodsir Mackid* 1858-1916
Herbert Charles Wilson 1859-1909
Ernest Ainslie Braithwaite* 1862-1949
Henry George 1864-1932
George Henry Malcolmson 1868-1944
John Sinclair McEachern* 1873-1947
Edward George Mason 1874-1947
William Alfred Wilson 1874-1951
George Douglas Stanley 1876-1954
Allan Coats Rankin 1877-1959
Albert Ernest Archer* 1878-1948
Heber Carss Jamieson 1879-1962
Albert Henry Baker* 1883-1953
Malcolm Ross Bow* 1887-1982
James Bertram Collip* 1892-1967
Earle Parkhill Scarlett* 1896-1982
Randall Roberts MacLean 1900-1977
Mary Percy Jackson* 1904-2000
Walter Campbell Mackenzie* 1909-1978
Margaret MacSteven Hutton 1910-1983
Donald Robert Wilson* 1913-1991
Charles Alexander Allard* 1919-1991
William A. Cochrane* 1926-2017
Lionel Everett McLeod* 1927-1993
David Lorne Tyrrell* 1943-
* Doctors of the Century, AMA, 2005

Volume 2: Perspectives

The Hector Memorials of 1906 (1857-1860)
Military Medicine and Medical Care in the North West Rebellions of 1870/71 and 1885
Osler Goes West (1886) (D.B. Hogan)
The First CMA Convention in “Alberta” (1889, Banff)
The Medical Profession in the North-West Territories (1889-1906) (H. Neatby)
Climate, Calgary and Tuberculosis (c1900) (D.B. Hogan)
The Early Pathology/Laboratory Medicine at the UofA, its Teaching Hospitals and the Provincial
Laboratory (H. Letts)
Radiology in Alberta (W.B. Parsons)
The Second CMA Convention (1912, Edmonton)
The University of Alberta and the Rockefeller Foundation (1920-1923) (M. Fedunkiw)
Hons. George Hoadley, Irene Parlby, W.W. Cross and UFA Government Healthcare (1921-1935)
The Alberta Sexual Sterilization Act (1928)
The Mercy Flight and Dr. Harold Hamman (1929)
Snow Problem, No Problem (1920s-1930s)
The Roots of Medicare are in Alberta (1927-1946)
The Cardston Medical Contracts (1932)
Di Bozsha, May the Lord give you Health (1933) (M.A.R. Young)
The Third CMA Convention (1934, Calgary)
The 1937 AMA Gavel (1937)
Medicine, the WWII Years (1934-1945)(W.B. Parsons)
The Development of Alberta Hospitals since WWII (R.K. Thomson)
The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Its Formative Years 1975-2005
Tidbits and Teasers from Alberta’s medical history
Milestones in NWT/Alberta Medicine (1668-2005)
Alberta/Saskatchewan Milestones, Alberta’s Medical History Website
Photo Credits
Index, Volume I Profiles
Index, Volume II Perspectives

"Here is the story of medicine in Alberta as it unfolded. It is one of unexpected accomplishment, a trend that is likely to continue well into the 21st century." 

The "Profiles" volume features chapters on the various influential doctors in Alberta from Dr. John Rae (1813-1893) whose "major achievements were not as a physician or fur trader rather as a geographer completing the mapping of the northern Canadian coastline and the northwest passageway", to Dr. David Lorne Tyrrell (1943-) whose "life of bench-to-bedside medical research, overlapped by a career in clinical medicine (Infectious Disease), a ten-year medical deanship, and a post-deanship biotechnology career that is still unfolding."

The "Perspectives" volume features snapshots of Alberta's medical history.  They include:
The Hector Memorials:  the oldest monument in Banff and Jasper National Parks, acknowledging the scientific contributions of James Hector as a member of the Palliser expedition and for his identification of the Kicking Horse Pass";
The Alberta Heritage Foundation For Medical Research:  In 2005 The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) celebrated its silver anniversary.  "The AHFMR could look back over 25 years of leadership and contributions to medical research in Alberta and Canada. Through partnerships, collaborative effort, a validated framework, and a sound research granting policy, the AHFMR had built an enviable reputation and was admired far beyond its borders."
Tidbits and Teasers From Alberta's Medical History includes items like these:
Peter Romieux was the first physician to arrive on the Prairies; he arrived as a physician/fur trader sent by the Hudson Bay Company to York Factory in 1668.
Dr. L.G. deVeber made the longest housecall on horseback in 1883 when he rode five horses from Fort Macleod to the Cochrane ranch west of Calgary. It was about 130 miles one way.
The prairies had the highest MD enlistment rate in WWI and WWII, exceeding 35% in both wars, far in excess of the enlistment rate for the general population.
Dr. Eardley Allin and colleagues performed the first Siamese Twin operation in 1950 at the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Edmonton.

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